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“Let us cleanse (clean) ourselves from everything that can defile (make us dirty from sin) our body or spirit.” “

Let us work toward being completely pure because we fear God. “ II Corinthians 7: 1

It should be our goal and aim to be pure from sin in both body and spirit.

We should keep our bodies as healthy as we can. We should not use our bodies to sin.

We should keep our spirits hearts, minds pure. We must be careful about the kind of movies we watch. We must be careful about what we read. We must be careful about what we allow ourselves to think.

Sin begins in our mind and thoughts. We think about it first and then we do it.

Keeping a watch over our thoughts is where we need to start.

Do not allow yourself to think about doing sinful things.

Be careful about your thoughts of anger, holding anger toward people for something they have done.

Be careful about allowing thoughts of discouragement to stay in your mind.

When thoughts of sin, anger, discouragement come----pray and say, Jesus I give you these thoughts. Please take these thoughts from me. Give me better thoughts.

Thoughts grow. They grow bigger, stronger and then they turn into actions that you do.

Keep careful control over your thoughts. Only you can decide what you will think. You can stop any thought. You may have to stop it again and again. But it is up to you with God’s help to keep your thoughts pure and good and healthy.

Good-bye for now.                 I’ll write again.                                                          Sincerely,       Joyce Webb

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